Greetings and Welcome!

Ciao e Benvenuti!

The Ca’ d’Oro Salon is a department at Gulf Wars (a reenactment event held annually) where we gather, socialize, and learn about post 13th-century arts & sciences in the atmosphere of a 15th-century Italian Salon where artists, poets, musicians, philosophers, nobility, and courtiers would have gathered to pass the time. 

Welcome to the Renaissance, where humanism has brought light and spirit into places of rigor and isolation. Likewise, at Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon games are played, music is heard, ideas are discussed, perspectives debated, refreshments are served, and arts & sciences of the 14th – 16th centuries are shared.

The Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon is located across from the Sable and Gules Theatre. Ca’ d’Oro offers a variety of activities focused on the A&S of post-13th century life. In addition to discussion and demonstrations, there are a Historical Apothecary,  Gaming Tables, Bardic Circles, and Enchanted Ground area. There will be gaming each day, enchanted ground persona play daily, and an Italian Personae Social on Friday from.

The discussion/demo track for Gulf Wars consists of astronomy, period cooking, fashion (French, Tudor, and Italian), heraldry (medieval/renaissance style and display), historical games (playing cards, bocce, primiera, calculi, gluckhaus, backgammon, and more), historical toilette (perfume, hygiene, and beauty products for men and women), period apothecary, and period music.

If you would like to lead a discussion or demonstration at Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon simply submit email us at

There will be a silent auction to benefit the Ca’ d’Oro demos and Ca’ d’Oro pavilion improvements. The silent auction will open Monday at 9am and close Thursday at noon.  There will also be a period luncheon where participants can help prepare and eat a perfectly period mid-day feast.

Italies Day (Friday) is our theme day for Gulf Wars and is sponsored by the La Bella Donna Historical Apothecary and House Argent Lion. There will be period focused discussion all day and a Medici (French/Italian) Social to finish the evening. The Known World Party begins at 9pm, we would love for you to attend the social and process over to the party with us as a group. We hope to see all the Italian personae there on Friday!

We couldn’t offer such a great Salon without help from wonderfully talented and dedicated volunteers. Thank you to all the great teachers and staff that support this endeavor to bring a Late Period Life area to Gulf Wars.



Maestra Giata M. Alberti

Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon Founder


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