Fundraiser Period Feast

I’m happy to announce that two Companions of the Order of the Laurel have volunteered to create the menu and make the food for a period Italian fundraiser feast at Gulf Wars. The feast will be held at the Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon and Italian Apothecary on Artisan’s Row. We will serve three (or more, it’s really up to them) courses made as they would have been in 16th century Italian city-states. To offer your donation via credit card simply go to my Etsy shop and select the dinner:

Visit the La Bella Donna blog to read about the initial feast research:

See our previous blog post to see the preliminary class listing here.

speziale e semplici taccuinistorici

For Gulf Wars the menu is:

Primo servito di Credenza – First service from the side board

  • Insalate di cetriolo – cucumber salad
  • Salciccione cott’in vino – pork sausage poached in wine
  • duck breast prosciutto
  • bread and butter

Primo et ultimo servito di cucina – First and last service from the kitchen

  • Lasagne Romani – flat pasta cooked in broth and combined with grated cheese
  • mixed meat meatballs
  • spinach with onions and prunes

Secondo et ultimo servito di Credenza – second and last service from the sideboard

  • biscotti
  • fresh fruit

All served with a beverage of honey and rose water


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