Gulf Wars XXIV Was Amazing!!

I cannot say “grazie” enough to express my gratitude to the teachers, chefs, and attendees of Gulf Wars XXIV classes and events at Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon. In this case I think the best way to really show how I feel is to throw myself into planning for Gulf Wars XXV!!


I know it’s early, but the early bird catches the worm. Before your dance cards fill up for the goings on of such a monumental year (the 25th)  I want you to pencil the Salon in. Let me share my ideas with you here.

Enchanted Ground Class by Madame du Pont


First, I think for next year we need a dedicated class space and a separate “salon” space. I hope that the event can provide a small garage type tent for the classes and allow the period pavilion and fly to remain open for gaming, tinkering with herbs and perfumes, music (I do hope Madame du Pont returns with her lute and recorder!), and refreshments (instead of just one period lunch I plan to have period refreshments for lunch on Thursday and Friday). I’d also like to invite the Krewe of Jeanne d’Arc from New Orleans over on Friday to participate in “French Day”. The Italian Personae social was a great way to end Friday, and the group walked over to the Known World Party together… which seems like a nice tradition to continue. For those who want to teach classes you’ll simply use the Artisan’s Row class scheduler form which is linked to from the site.

Italian Period Lunch Feast Prepared by Mistresses Maymunah and Theresa



  • Request a small garage tent to house two tables and chairs for classes
  • Provide the Regent & 2 Flys for period seating, decor (tapestries, lanterns, banners), to remain open during the day for hosting open artist’s solar hours, gaming hours, and enchanted ground hours.
  • Appoint an Assistant for the Salon
  • Provide period refreshments for Accademia del Giglio d’Oro members throughout the week
  • Court teachers for post 1066 (and especially post 1400) classes/demos
  • Work with the Krewe of Jeanne d’Arc to arrange classes and a social
  • Plan the Italian Personae Social for Friday at 5pm
  • Charm the talented artisans of the Known World for donated period seating and lighting 🙂
The “Tudoring” Class taught by Master Nicolas 🙂




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