About Ca’ d’Oro

We seek to expand the study and recreation of the Renaissance period covered by the Society of Creative Anachronism within the Kingdom of An Tir through an immersive environment dedicated to post-13th century history. The “traveling” Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon  aims to foster scholarship within the various avenues of study within the Renaissance era which found it’s humble beginnings in 14th century Italy before spreading northward through western Europe revolutionizing life and culture into the 16th century and paving the way for the later Enlightenment period. The Salon will offer a wide array of classes ranging from general political history, social history, material culture, gender, economic, and even military history as well as hosting special events and artisan demos.

The Renaissance salon, within a historical context, provided a safe scholarly environment where new ideas and ideas re-discovered from the scholars of Ancient Greece and Rome could be discussed without widespread persecution from either church or rulers. Often sponsored by learned and influential nobility , these salons and the discussions that flowed out of them aided the change from a medieval world view into a pre-modern, pre-enlightenment world view across the cultural and intellectual landscape of Europe.

An Tir Salons

Ca’ d’Oro (House of Gold) Renaissance Salon will make appearances in An Tir! Are you looking to expand your historical horizons through intriguing historical discussion, meaningful debate, and exchange of ideas in an immersive, renaissance social setting? Do you want to connect with other like-minded, interesting people who enjoy late period topics? The goal of Ca’ d’Oro is to facilitate those exact things.


Citizens, Visitors, Lords, Ladies, Nobles, Royals, Bards, and Peers enter… and recline in a Savonarola chair, play a game on a handmade trestle table, sip on sparkling Italian wine, and revel in the delightful conversations found in the confines of Ca’ d’Oro. Take your pick of invigorating debate with other late period gentles, sip on a custom herbal tea prepared by the on-site apothecary, relax to the melodious sounds of our trio of musicians, or play a game of Bassetta….inside the veil of Ca’ d’Oro.


Historical Background

During the Italian Renaissance the custom of providing people the opportunity to socialize in a politically safe environment was a revived from the Greco-Roman examples and salons became important centers of artistic innovation. Salon, from the French word salon (a living room or parlor), means a conversational gathering. Usually it was a select group of intellectuals, artists and notable citizens who met in the private residence of a socially influential person. Numerous wealthy women have presided over salons in Italy, France, and England since the 15th century.

At a time when women were expected to cultivate their needlepoint and knitting skills, Salons served as an informal university for women who wanted to learn more. Although hosted by women, the speakers asked to address various topics were men — as these were considered the “learned” people of the day. Soon, men and women of the bourgeoisie began attending Salons as a way to seek the same educational opportunities previous afforded only to the wealthy and noble classes. These Salons offered patrons a venue to exchange ideas, read or show one’s own works, and receive/offer criticism.

The inspiration for Ca’ d’Oro Renaissance Salon comes from 15th and 16th century Italian Salons made famous by Laura Cereta, Isabella d’Este, and Elisabetta Gonzaga, literary women of the day. They created their salons as a setting for clever conversation and informal socializing. These salons were attended by renowned figures of their time.

We invite you to attend our immersive Renaissance Salon; join us to…

  • Enjoy high-quality connections, instead of high-speed ones: In our socially cyber-connected world we’ve lost the art and capability to connect emotionally with meaningful interactions that stimulate our hearts and minds. Ca’ d’Oro will nurture this fundamental human need to promote a better quality of life.
  • Open your mind to new perspectives: Like the 16th century Salons, our demos and discussions will focus on topics such as the Sciences, Arts, Literature, Fashion, and History. You could attend a discussion covering insightful topics such as “Elizabethan Medicine,” “Renaissance Cosmetics”, “Landsknecht Fashion”, “Italian Authors”, or even the “History of Champagne”!
  • Participate in a thriving community of curious-minded members: Come and converse, debate and connect in a live social setting with people, just like you, who crave that stimulation of genuine, authentic conversation. This is networking in the purest sense – without phones, social media or cyberspace. Just real people and real dialogues.
  • Seek out personal enrichment: Revitalize your mind, express yourself, and enjoy a whole new experience that will leave you feeling fulfilled and energized.
  • Meet and socialize with other intelligent, inspiring living history participants: Unplug and connect in an atmosphere of history, sophistication and spirited discussion – while enjoying culinary delights and thoughtfully chosen music.

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